Full Body Massage Muscat

full body massage muscat in oman The therapist will massage your body in a therapeutic way and this procedure will last a minimum of 50 minutes. The therapist will first massage the neck and head and press the muscles behind the neck slowly to relax it. It will do the magic to you if you feel tension in the muscle of your neck. After massage you will feel refreshed and comfortable. The massager will keep applying more pressure between the neck on both sides of the head. Press your shoulder with your thumb. If you feel rigid muscle on the shoulder, that means you have tension and stress in this area. so press sufficiently hard with your thumb on this area to dissipate the tension.

Massage steps

What follows is to massage your arm for relaxation by twisting your arm. The above steps are to be repeated for better effects. Next comes the massage of the back. Pressure should be applied on both sides of the spine, and in so doing, you will feel less sore in this area.

Hand press hand and the move back and forth in the back area for better warmth and relaxation. Then move onto the lower back, near the buttocks to relieve tension and fatigue. Then massage leg by repeating the above steps. With ankle remaining stable, life the leg repeatedly to relieve stress.Please have a taste of our body to body massage, and we are sure that you will be an ever repeated customer of our s